5 Consumer Trends that Will Prevail in 2023

5 Consumer Trends that Will Prevail in 2023
Photo by Jorge Percival / Unsplash

Consumer trends for 2023 will not follow the rules of the past.

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Consumer trends are changing. Not only digital natives are making changes, but everyone. That also means that the old rules no longer apply to today’s consumers.

The first thing to keep in mind is that consumers are now more aware of their rights and are more willing to stand up for them. They are no longer afraid to ask for them or even demand them. This has given rise to a new social contract between consumers and companies: “we give you what you want, if you give us what we want”.

The second change is related to technology. Digitalization has changed our lives and we now live in an era where everyone is connected to everyone else 24 hours a day.

How can companies build a better relationship with consumers?

By focusing on what really matters to them: the customer experience.

This means offering your customers great products that bring them value by solving their problems (and don’t forget the prices!).

Now, taking into account the above and the changes that have occurred after the pandemic, the following trends are sure to take hold in 2023 and beyond, because they are rooted in human nature and needs:

1) The rise of augmented reality technology

The lines between the physical and digital worlds will continue to blur as we become accustomed to overlaying information on what we see around us. This trend is not limited to smartphones: we will also see it in our watches, glasses and other wearable devices.

2) The growth of e-commerce platforms

We will no longer buy things in department stores as we used to, but will look for what we want on the Internet and have it delivered directly to our doorstep.

3) The continued growth of subscription models

Subscription services are not going away; they have become a staple among consumers because they offer convenience at an affordable price.

4) The “food revolution

The world has changed its relationship with food, and there’s no going back: people are more aware of what they eat, where it comes from and how it affects their bodies. This means that companies that emphasize health will continue to thrive as consumers become more interested in natural ingredients and whole foods.

It also means that companies that make claims about the health benefits of their products or services will have a harder time appealing to customers who care about their bodies: they will have to walk a fine line between making too big a claim and sounding like they are lying to customers’ faces.

5) Growing awareness of plastic pollution

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the damage plastic pollution is causing to our environment, and they don’t like it one bit!

If you sell products or services that use plastic packaging, expect to face increasing scrutiny from consumers who want to know why you are contributing to this problem instead of trying to fix it (or at least stop making things worse).