About this site

About this site

CECNA.io is short for the Consumer Education Council of North America, a long name for a small independent organization dedicated to helping consumers navigate the world around them.

CECNA was launched in 2021 and has gone through several incarnations. We focus primarily on consumer news for the U.S. (this site) and Mexico and we produce online courses that help consumers sharpen their skills.

Our founder is one James R. Hood, who back in 1998 or so launched what grew to become ConsumerAffairs.com, a commercial, ad-supported news and information site. After retiring from that, he founded CECNA as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit site. We don't take money from companies to say nice things about them, in other words.

We're based in Reston, Virginia, just an expensive Metro ride away from Washington, D.C., and all the wondrous and not-so-great things that happen there.

Our mailing address:

Consumer Education Council

1900 Campus Commons Drive, Suite 100

Reston, VA 20191

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