CONSUMER ALERT: Beware of "30 days free" promotions

A month goes by in a hurry and "free" trials don't cancel themselves

CONSUMER ALERT: Beware of "30 days free" promotions

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office (Profeco) in Mexico has issued an alert to consumers about the promotions known as "free 30-day trial" offered by various services, such as streaming and television.

Although these offers seem tempting, it is important to be careful, as they can lead to problems such as automatic collections once the trial period ends.

The necessary precautions when accepting free trial promotions

Profeco warns consumers that it is crucial to carefully read the terms and conditions of the "free 30-day trial" offers before accepting them.

These terms may contain unfavorable clauses that can harm customers. To avoid being victims of commercial abuse, Profeco provides the following recommendations:

1. Request cancellation if you do not want to continue using the service: It is important to keep in mind that, once the trial period is over, consumers have the right to request the cancellation of the service if they do not want to continue using it. They should not feel obliged to pay for a service they do not want or need.

2. Communicate through the official service channels of the provider: If you decide to cancel the service after the free trial, it is essential to communicate with the provider through the official service channels. This guarantees that the cancellation request is duly registered and processed.

3. Maximum period for cancellation: According to Profeco, the provider is obliged to reflect the cancellation of the service within a maximum period of five calendar days from the customer's request. If the cancellation does not take place during this period, consumers must contact the provider again and follow up on their request.

The cancellation of additional services should not affect the main service

Profeco also clarified that the cancellation of an additional service, such as a free trial subscription, does not imply the cancellation or suspension of the main telecommunications service. Consumers must ensure that the cancellation of the free trial does not affect their essential service.

The importance of transparency in business practices

Profeco emphasizes the importance of transparency on the part of suppliers when offering free trial promotions. Consumers must have clear and understandable access to the terms and conditions, without confusing or misleading clauses.

Likewise, suppliers must comply with their obligations in a timely and transparent manner when processing the requested cancellations.

That said, transparency in business practices is essential to establish a relationship of trust between suppliers and consumers.