Recent Recalls: Luxor A/V carts, Moen Flo Monitor, Arshiner Nightgowns

Recent Recalls: Luxor A/V carts, Moen Flo Monitor, Arshiner Nightgowns

Luxor audiovisual (A/V) carts can become unstable when loaded with heavy objects, such as cathode-ray tube televisions (CRT TVs). When loaded with heavy objects such as CRT TVs, the recalled A/V carts pose a tip-over hazard to children, which can result in serious injury or death.

Three children have died, and one child was seriously injured in incidents where recalled A/V carts carrying a “box” shaped television (CRT TV) tipped over and landed on them. The incidents occurred between 2006 and 2016. All consumers, including individuals, schools, daycare centers, and places of worship, among others, that use these carts to transport audio or video equipment where children may be present should be aware of the danger posed by the carts when loaded with CRT TVs.

Consumers should stop using the recalled carts immediately and contact Luxor for a free repair.  Luxor will provide metal ballast kits, which should be installed by the consumer to the lower shelf of the cart to add stability and weight. New warning labels cautioning consumers to place no more than 25 lbs. on each shelf will also be provided. Consumers should attach these warning labels on each shelf.

This recall involves three cart base models: WT42 “Tuffy” plastic cart; W42/AVJ42/SS-AVJ42 metal cart; and LP-DUO/TPDUOEQ plastic cart.

The WT42 “Tuffy” is a 3-shelf plastic cart sold under the brand name H. Wilson “Tuffy” in a variety of colors with different color suffixes after the “WT42” prefix in the item number. The carts have a plastic handle with a logo that reads “the Tuffy” in the center.

The W42/AVJ42/SS-AVJ42 cart is 3-shelf adjustable height metal cart. It is also sold under the model number AVJ42 with either a Luxor or H. Wilson logo on the front center of the top shelf, and under the model number SS-AVJ42 with a LineLeader logo on the front center of the top shelf. It is sold in a variety of colors with different color suffixes after the “W42” or “AVJ42” prefixes in the item number.

The LP-DUO/TPDUOEQ cart is a 3-shelf adjustable height plastic cart with a push handle on the top shelf. The Luxor logo is stamped on the center of the handle and is a black/dark gray color.

Moen Flo Water Monitor

Flo Smart Water Monitor Lithium-Ion Battery Back-Ups  are being recalled.  The lithium-ion battery back-up can overheat, posing a fire hazard.

This recall involves the Flo Smart Water Monitor Lithium-Ion Battery Back-Ups. The Flo Water Monitor Battery Backup device was an optional add-on accessory that could be purchased separately to extend certain features of Moen’s Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff in the event of a power disruption. Only the battery back-up is being recalled. The dark gray rectangular battery has the FLO logo printed on the lower right-hand side. A sticker showing the status of the light on battery is printed on the lower left-hand side as well as model number 920-001.

Consumers should immediately unplug and stop using their recalled battery back-up and contact Moen for instructions to disable their battery back-up before disposing of the unit in accordance with applicable laws for the disposal of lithium-ion batteries.

There have been three reports of backup batteries that have overheated and caught fire. No injuries have been reported, but minor property damage has been reported.

The units were sold at Lowe’s, The Home Depot and other stores nationwide and online including at from August 2019 through November 2022 for about $250 for the battery.

Arshiner Children’s Nightgowns    

The children’s nightgowns fail to meet federal flammability standards for children’s sleepwear, posing a risk of burn injuries to children. They were sold exclusively on Amazon.

This recall involves Arshiner-branded children’s long-sleeved nightgowns. The 94% polyester 6% spandex nightgowns have a lace trimmed neck collar, lace hemline and cinched elastic at the wrists. They were sold in sizes 4 through 13 years and in 10 prints: “Cat Meow” print in blue, “Sleeping Cat in Cup” print in purple, “Polka Dots Cat” print in orange, “Reindeer Cat and Snowflakes” print in red, “Panda Dream Big” print in blue, “Hamburger and Fries Best Friends” print in pink, “Fairy” print in purple, “Green and Navy Plaid” print, “Cat Catwalk Ready” print in navy, and “Sloth Just Do Nothing” print in pink. “Arshiner,” “Made In China” and the size are printed on the nightgown’s neck label.

Consumers should immediately take the recalled nightgowns away from children, stop using them and contact Arshiner for a full refund. Consumers should destroy the nightgowns by cutting them both vertically and horizontally and disposing of them in accordance with local state recycling laws. Consumers should send an image of the destroyed recalled nightgowns to Arshiner by email at [email protected]. Upon receipt of the photo, consumers will be issued a full refund of the purchase price. Arshiner and Amazon are contacting all known purchasers directly.